Greek vineyards

The Vineyards of Greece

Greek vineyards are among the world’s oldest and have produced wines for thousands of years. They can be described as viticultural “isles” which dot the entire country, continental and island areas alike. Thanks to its geographical location in the temperate Mediterranean region (latitude: 35ο to 41ο north), Greece is endowed throughout with favorable climatic conditions for vine growing.
Proximity to the sea has a decisively beneficial climatic impact, particularly on the terroirs of coastal areas.

Greek vineyards are found on diverse soil and terrain, at altitudes varying between sea level and often in excess of 1,000m. They are largely found on mountain and semi-mountainous terroirs and, to a much lesser degree, on terroirs of continental features.

In geographical terms, Greek vineyards are distinguished into those of northern
Greece, central Greece (Attica included), Peloponnese and the Ionian islands, the Aegean Sea islands and  those of Crete. These regions are further subdivided into smaller ones, each with its own particular soil, climate, and topographical features -all of which, when combined with mainly native cultivars, give Greek wines their unique and diverse character.