Categories of Greek wines

In all winegrowing countries of Europe, wine categories are based on the rationale of the wines’ place of provenance (designation of origin). Many are the countries which during the 20th century adopted this system of classification, each shaping its corresponding wine legislation, a practice which, common by now, has been adopted and further evolved by the European Union. Thus, it was within that framework that regulations and legislation regarding the categories of Greek wines have been established since 1971. Ever since then, Greek wine legislation continues to evolve and broaden its scope. As of 1981 (the year when Greece joined the EE), Greek wine legislation moves along the lines of the EE regulatory framework.

Greek wine legislation foresees two (2) broad Greek wine categories:

• «Designation of Origin Wines” (VQPRD or Vin de Qualité Produit Dans Une Région Déterminée), a category which includes all AOQS and  AOC wines, i.e., those bearing a “Designation of Origin of Superior Quality” or a “Controlled Designation of Origin”, respectively (PDO wines of Greece).

 • «Table Wines,” a category which includes all “Regional (Local) Wines” –PGI wines of Greece; wines of “Traditional Designation”; and ordinary table wines.