Innovation in Greek wine


Besides virtual miracles in quality, Greek wine production also boasts a considerable amount of innovation. This, however, should not lead to the wrong impression that a bottle may contain a technologically perfect but organoleptically impersonal wine. On the contrary, an example of innovation in Greek wine is exactly this co-existence of old and new -the use of technology and the most modern methods aiming at promoting, as strongly as possible, the unique character of the Greek vineyard and its wines.

New Greek wines carry a long history and a heritage which comprises unique viticultural practices and a treasure of local grape varieties. This, combined with the contribution of keen producers who apply modern, human-scale wine production, make the new Greek wines different and unique. Nevertheless, the producers do not rest there, because continuous development is a very important factor for wine! Thus, innovation in Greek wine has been considerable for several decades now. They start from the vine and reach the glasses of new and seasoned oenophiles, enchanting them. The promotion of the quality and character of Greek wines, and the strengthening of their image in the international wine market require innovative actions, from the vine root to the bottle. Innovation in Greek wine proves and consolidates their prominent position worldwide.