The vineyards of mainland Greece

Continental Greece vineyards

Mainland Greece is a part of the country with diverse geology and geomorphology. Its northern part encompasses the region of Thessalia (Thessaly), which includes the vineyards of Messenikola, Anchialos and Tyrnavos, and extends to the Pindos mountain range in the west. In the south, it includes the region of Central Greece, where the wine-producing districts of Fthiotida, Viotia and Attiki (Attica) are found. Most of the vineyards of mainland Greece are clustered in Attiki, which accounts for about 25,000 acres of the total of 50,000 acres cultivated in the region as a whole.
Despite the diverse climatic and topographic conditions, the vineyards of mainland Greece are mainly found on flat lands—continental terroirs—and their yield goes mainly toward the production of table wines. With the exception of recent plantings, viticulture in the region still largely relies on traditional practices (vines are trained into "goblets") and mostly involves native cultivars -notably Savvatiano, the most cultivated wine producing variety in Greece.