Wines of Traditional Appellation

Wines of Traditional Appellation comprise Verdea and all types of Retsina.

Verdea became entitled to the appellation “Verdea, Traditional Designation of Zakynthos” in 1992. It is a white wine that can be produced in Zakynthos only but can be bottled off Zakynthos as well under specific requisites regarding, for example, its varietal composition, yields per 0.1 hectare, etc. As a result, wines bearing that title are included in the category of PGI District Wines of Greece.

Since 1979, some retsina wines, apart from being considered Wines of Traditional Appellation, have become entitled to bear a geographical indication of origin as well and now fall in the category of PGI wines of Greece. There are three types of retsina which bear the indication PGI District Wines:

• Retsina Attiki
• Retsina Viotia
• Retsina Evia

A further 12 retsinas are entitled to the indication of PGI Area Wine.Those are: Retsina Mesogia; Retsina Kropia or Koropi; Retsina Markopoulo; Retsina Megara; Retsina Peanea (or Liopesi); Retsina Pallini; Retsina Pikermi; Retsina Spata; Retsina Thebes; Retsina Yaltra; Retsina Karystos; and Retsina Chalkis.