PGI District Wines

The geographical boundaries of a PGI District Wine zone are usually the same as those of a district (i.e., those of a specific former prefecture, and only in two cases such a zone is only a part of a former prefecture). Grapes used for the vinification of PGI District Wines have to originate in areas within the boundaries of the district and must be vinified within those boundaries. However, wineries located in neighboring districts (former prefectures) are also entitled to producing these wines.

The stipulations governing varietal compositions of PGI District Wines are on the whole stringent, and this is one reason why Greek wine producers occasionally use the broader indications of the PGI Regional Wines. As a result, wine types that can be produced at that level are rather limited. The 37 PGI District Wines that have been established are: PGI Argolida; PGI Arkadia; PGI Attiki; PGI Achaia; PGI Grevena; PGI Drama; PGI Dodecanese; PGI Evros; PGI Evia; PGI Zakynthos; PGI Ilia; PGI Imathia; PGI Heraklion; PGI Thassos; PGI Thessaloniki; PGI Ioannina; PGI Kavala; PGI Karditsa; PGI Kastoria; PGI Corfu; PGI Kozani; PGI Korinthos; PGI Cyclades; PGI Lakonia; PGI Lasithi; PGI Lesvos; PGI Lefkada; PGI Magnissia; PGI Messinia; PGI Pella; PGI Pieria; PGI Rethymno; PGI Serres; PGI Florina; PGI Chania; PGI Halkidiki; and PGI Chios.