PGI Verdea

The island district of Zakynthos, in the southern segment of the Ionian Sea, forms the PGI Verdea zone (est.1992), Traditional Designation of Zakynthos, in its entirety.

One way or another, putting aside PGI Verdea, Traditional Designation of Zakynthos wine, the winegrowing and winemaking tradition of Zakynthos is an age-old one. Historical records confirm the fact that Zakynthos was the main stop for ships sailing the
Mediterranean and wishing to freshen up their wine supplies. Just like the Cyclades, Zakynthos may also be considered as an “ark” of the Greek vineyard. A 1601 poem gives an account of different 34 varieties. In 1904, Salvator Ludwig took stock of over 80 grape varieties, most of which can still be spotted around the island! Verdea is not a grape variety: it is the island’s traditional wine, something which does not necessarily imply that all of the white wines Zakynthos produced were always Verdea wines. The word of the wine derived from “verde” the Italian word for “green”. The devastating earthquake of 1953 ravaged the island and led to the destruction of many a historical record and testimony. Yet, be that as it may, there are strong indications that the grapes used in the vinification of Verdea were so unripe as to be almost green, hence, “verde“. The same indications show that the main grape variety used, was the sensitive, early-harvested, and low-yield white Goustolidi one, which was named after the month of August. It was precisely that variety which gave Verdea its distinct characteristics. After the earthquake, Goustolidi was gradually replaced with Skiadopoulo, a variety which was infinitely more productive. Today, most of Zakynthos’ vineyards are found in the island’s central part. Goustolidi is still around but is little cultivated. The grapes going towards production of the PGI Verdea, Traditional Designation of Zakynthos, come mostly but not exclusively from the Skiadopoulo, Pavlos, Asprorobola (white Robola) and Goustolidi varieties. All six wineries of Zakynthos produce and bottle one Verdea wine at least.


Skiadopoulo (at a minimum of 50%) and other recommended/approved white varieties.

Wine types

  • Dry and medium dry white