Classic vinification


The high-quality grape must be properly transmuted to produce good wine. Greek oenology has played an important role in the new-wine revolution, with classic vinification making great headway in Greece and the world. This was a revolution that started at the end of the 1960s, when restless oenologists went abroad in order to study in established schools, mainly in Bordeaux and Burgundy.
There, apart from the science of oenology, they were also acquainted with the magic of classic vinification and the importance of sanitation, which is necessary for the production of excellent wines. Their return to Greece led to the gradual installation of modern equipment , including presses, stainless tanks, good quality barrels, automated bottling facilities etc. Thus, the weak, oxidized, rough wines of a distant past started giving their place to healthy, well-made and stable wines which created the foundation for the Greek wine miracles of today.