14th Thessaloniki International Wine Competition Awards Ceremony

14th TIWC
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The “Wines of North Greece” wine producers’ association of the Northern Greece vineyards, with the Interprofessional Organisation of Vine and Wine (EDOAO), the Greek Wine Federation (SEO) and the wine producers’ associations of Central Greece, the Peloponnese, Attica, the Aegean Islands and Crete, awarded with the highest honorary title “Greek Wine Industry Award 2014" to Mr. Christoph Meininger, general manager and owner of the publishing house "Meininger Verlag" in recognition of his personal contribution to the dissemination of knowledge and information about Greek wine in Germany, and the rest of Europe and the world.

The event took place at the awards’ ceremony of the "14th Thessaloniki International Wine Competition" during "Oenorama" exhibition, in Athens.

The special prize awarded by Mr George Tsantalis.

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