The Greek Wine Institute

Greek wine institute

Research into Greek wines was launched by the historic Greek Wine Institute in the 1970’s. The study aimed at probing the wine-making potential of native grape varieties. The first varieties explored were those of Assyrtiko, Agiorgitiko, Xinomavro, Savvatiano and Roditis. It was at this time that the Greek wine world came to know the uniqueness of Assyrtiko and its inextricable relationwhip with Santorini. At the same  time, another significant study concluded that, when blended with native ones, many of the foreign varieties could end up yielding wines that could easily rival the wines of their place of origin.

Another part of the research also carried out by the Greek Wine Institute at the time involved wine production technology. More specifically, the research delved into the issue of how to protect white wines from oxidation and how to achieve the optimum maceration conditions when vinifying Greek, red grape varieties. An experimental winery was set up at the Greek Wine Institute to monitor all vinification processes. The grapes tested came from the vineyards of the Greek Vine Institute and various other vineyards collaborating in the research.

In combination with a number of other events, the research carried out by the Greek Wine Institute, which continues to this day, played a very important role in the Greek wine revolution that was to come in the 1980’s and 1990’s.