Unescos International Symposium in Santorini island 5-7 November 2015

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"The Heritage and exploitation of wine growing regions"

An important UNESCO’s international scientific symposium will be hosted in Santorini, during 5, 6 and 7 of November 2015. The University of Burgundy which specializes in the culture and traditions of wine organizes a yearly scientific symposium, which will be held on the Greek island of Santorini this year. Τhe Symposium will be co-organised  with Thira Municipality, the Agricultural University of Athens, the National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine, the Greek Wine Federation and the Central Union of Vine and Wine Producing Cooperative Organizations of Greece.

The topics that will be discussed include the ways of exploiting from the heritage of wine regions, the bodies involved and their governing regulations, the regions tourist development and the promotion of wine-growing traditions, the relation between tourism and wine tourism and the progress in the scientific and technical sector for the utilization of wine regions. Based on different examples, there will be great effort to promote ancient vineyards as cultural heritage locations, comparing with contemporary wine-making regions.

For more informatio you can contact with the organizing bodies: Chaire UNESCO “Cultures et traditions du vin” de l’Universite de Bourgogne, the Agricultural University of Athens, Thira Municipality and the National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine.