The Annual New Wines of Greece Roadshow in North America

New York seminar 2014
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Greek wine under the logo "New Wines of Greece" is preparing for its annual Roadshow in North America. The roadshow is organized by the National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine (EDOAO). This action is financed under the promotion programme of the Common Market Organization for Wine, by the Ministry of Productive Reconstruction of Environment and Energy, the EU and the wine industry.

It is worth mentioning that according to data from the Canadian and US government, Greek wine sales have increased by 25% in value over the past five years, on the Canadian and US markets.

This years programme includes walk around tastings, in store promotions in government-owned retail liquor monopolies in Canada, educational workshops and the first event aimed to consumers under the name "Taste of Greece".

More specific:
5th of May: walk around tasting for professionals in Sudbury Glass Factory, Toronto.
7th of May: educational workshop for SAQs employees in Quebec, press and professionals from the local market. A walk around tasting will held afterwards for professionals in the Science Center, with spectacular view over the port.
8th of May: in store tastings in 50 retail liquor shops in Quebec.
In May and June more than 100 tastings of Greek wines will be held in LCBOs retail shops in Ontario
13th of May educational workshop and walk around tasting for the demanding New York City market, held at City Winery.

EDOAO is organizing also an event in order to promote Greek wine through gastronomy and culture aiming towards New York consumer. In this event nine exceptional Greek restaurants in Manhattan and top Greek musicians will contribute.The event has a charitable motivation and will strengthen the organization "Boroume", which aims to combat the waste of leftover food and providing food to people in need all over Greece.

According to Sofia Perpera, director of Greek wine office in North America, what makes Greek wine so special is the fact that it is sourced from fantastic indigenous varieties adapted to unique terroirs and from the hands of talented winemakers that craft wines of great personality. If someone combines the quality potential of the Greek vineyard, the beautiful Greek landscape and a wine tradition that dates back to more than three thousand years, he can realise that Greece offers a unique wine package.

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