“Open Cellar Doors” at Greek wineries! Saturday May 26th and Sunday May 27th 2018

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Winelovers and visitors all around Greece will have the opportunity to gain a unique tasting and travelling experience by participating in “Open Cellar Doors” which is organized collectively by Greek Wine Producers Associations and their wineries - members.

On Saturday May 26th and Sunday May 27th 2018, from 11 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon, winelovers will be given the opportunity to tour around the Wine Roads of Greece and participate in multiple activities which include tours, tasting, competitions with great prizes and other surprises. It is worth mentioning that admission to wineries on 26-27 May is free.

Plan now your own “getaway” and engrave your own wine route. No matter where you are in Greece, travel in the countryside and visit one or more wineries.

Initiate yourselves into the magical world of wine, enjoy the vineyard setting, get to know the winemaking procedure and taste exceptional Branded Greek Wines.

For further information on the wineries of different regions, contact Regional Organizations of wineries:

Wines of North Greece: Τ: +30 2310 281617, e-mail: info@wineroads.gr, www.wineroads.gr, www.winesofnorthgreece.gr  Facebook – www.fb.com/winesofnorthgreece  #winesofnorthgreece

Central Greece Wine Producers Association :Τ: +30 22330 23172 &  210 8075512, e-mail: info@enoake.gr, www.enoake.gr , Facebook – www.fb.com/oinoikentrikisellados #winesofcetralgreece

Wine Producers Association of the Vineyard of Attica, Τ: +30 2106031020, e-mail info@enoaa.gr, www.enoaa.gr Facebook – atticavineyards #atticavineyards

The Wine Grower Association of the Peloponnese: T: +30 210 7210842, e-mail manolis@enoap.org, http://peloponnesewineroads.com, Facebook:  www.fb.com/WinesOfPeloponnese  #WinesOfPeloponnese

Wines of Crete, Τ: +30 2816 007940, e-mail: info@winesofcrete.gr www.winesofcrete.gr Facebook:  www.fb.com/winesofcrete #winesofcrete

Aegean Islands Wine Producers Association: T: +30 2242069860, e-mai enoanawines@gmail.com  Facebook – Aegean Islands Wines #aegeanislandswines

or on the portal of Branded Greek Wine: