PDO Goumenissa

The PDO Goumenissa zone (est.1979) extends on the southeastern foothills of Mount Paiko (1,650m), in the southwestern part of the Kilkis district in Macedonia; the zone comprises part of the area of Goumenissa (Goumenissa; Gerakonas; Griva; Karpi; Pentalofo; Stathis; Filyria ) and the areas of Axioupolis (Gorgopi) and Evropos (Polypetro). As legislation stipulates that cultivation altitude be no less than 150m, the total area of the zone is rather limited. In essence, the largest part of the vineyards is to be found along the Karpi-Goumenissa-Filyria axis.

The PDO Goumenissa zone is the smallest of the four zones where the xinomavro variety is cultivated -the other three being PDO Amynteo, PDO Naoussa and PDO Rapsani. The presence of the Negoska variety makes the wines somewhat softer than those of Naoussa. At the same time it intensifies their color and their alcohol content. All five wineries within the zone produce PDO Goumenissa wines.


 Xinomavro, Negoska (20% minimum).

Wine type

  •   Dry red