PGI Slopes of Petroto

In the district of Achaia, in Peloponnese’s northwestern part, the PGI Slopes of Petroto zone (est.1992) is the area of the same name in the municipality of Messatida.

Situated in the northern central part of Achaia, the small zone of PGI Slopes of Petroto is quite close to the northeastern end of the Patras greater urban area. In an area where the PDO Mavrodaphne of Patras popular sweet wines are predominantly and traditionally produced, the PGI Slopes of Petroto zone could be regarded as ushering since 1992 a strong and increasingly prevalent trend of popularity in the dry vinification of Mavrodaphne. There is one area winery producing PGI Slopes of Petroto wines.


Mavrodaphne (60% minimum), Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wine type

  • Dry red