The word’s two compounds, moschos (muscat) and mavro (black) instantly usher into the “rhythm” of this rare variety restless wine lovers who, eager for new horizons, are drawn by the yet-to-be-fathomed nature of the variety. Mentioning rhythm has been deliberate: Whether transformed into a red or rosé, Moschomavro will invariably invoke the festive ambience of dancing through its marvellously mischievous aroma.

A pleasant wine, Moschomavro is, however, planted little and can be found only in the vineyards of Central and NW Greece. In its bottled form, it produces monovarietals but it is not uncommon to see it blended with other varieties such as xinomavro. Its color may not be overly dark, yet, it is in perfect harmony with its intense aroma redolent of just-picked red fruit, muscat grapes, and cloves. A playful taste replete with acidity and soft tannins testifies to an ethereal, youthful presence which may well be the very identity of the public that rare Moschomavro may attract.

Fresh, aromatic, and quaffable, Moschomavro is the ultimate modern expression of Greece’s new wines addressing the younger crowd of wine lovers and bringing groups of friends closer together. At the same time, it is nevertheless a strong reminder of the uniqueness of wine aromas and flavors of Greece and of the diverse wine palette made available by the Greek vineyard and its wine growers.