You're Invited to A Taste of Greece Toronto, May 4th

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taste of Greece Toronto
  • Location: Royal Ontario Museum
  • Organizer: Wines of Greece
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  • Contact Address: 100 Queens Park, Toronto
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Wines of Greece is pleased to hold a very special event on Thursday, May 4th for wine novices and connoisseurs alike, to get a taste of Greece's wine, gastronomy and culture. Join us at Royal Ontario Museum for a taste of Greek wine, our vibrant Mediterranean cuisine and a peek into the authentic Greek way of life.

From the volcanic soils of Santorini, to the mountainous vineyards of the mainland, experience the modern face of Greek wine and discover why the oldest culture of wine is now the hottest emerging wine region on the planet. The event features wines from nearly 50 of Greece's most popular wineries. You’ll have a chance to talk to top winemakers from Greece and get a unique insight in their way of producing authentic Greek wine!

To complete a Greek experience you’ll also get the chance to savor a variety of our distinctive culinary fare from Toronto's finest Greek restaurants,

Thursday, May, 4th 6 - 10 pm 

Come discover our rich culture and experience a true #TasteofGreece

All proceeds will go to charity.