PDO Lemnos

PDO Lemnos wines are produced in the homonymous zone (est.1982) of this northern Aegean island where the white grape variety Muscat of Alexandria is widely cultivated. Although legislation has determined that the entire island is open to winegrowing, in practice, Muscat of Alexandria vineyards are found mostly in its central and southern parts, in the areas of Atsiki, Moudros and Nea Koutali, where they are sheltered from northerly winds.
Lemnos is a midsized, hilly Greek island without any significant elevations. Due to the favorable climatic conditions there, a large percentage of the island’s vineyards are cultivated with organic methods. About 10 years after the establishment of PDO Muscat of Lemnos, the exceptional variety it comes from, Muscat of Alexandria, was also granted the appropriate geographical indication for the dry wines it yields. At present, all seven of the island’s wineries produce PDO Lemnos dry wines.


 Muscat of Alexandria 100%

Wine types

  • Dry white
  • Medium-dry white
  • Medium-sweet white