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"In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes" according to the wellknown artist Andy Warhol. Greek wine though had the chance to be on the spot for about 21.600 minutes and not just anywhere but on the most demanding NY wine scene! In other words, New Wines of Greece, was the big star in "the city that never sleeps", from June 8th to 22nd, as they where successfully promoted in more than 100 “hot” spots selling wine, being in their majority restaurants and retail wine shops.

Actually, this great publicity was accomplished thanks to the “Celebrate Greek Wines” campaign in NY, and as the famous song of Frank Sinatra, “If I can make it there Ill make it anywhere".

During “Celebrate Greek Wines” several New Yorkers had the chance to taste Greek wine, as the campaign was targeted to the consumers and its main aim was to promote Greek wine distribution in the NY city. For that purpose, educational wine tasting events, special offers, food and wine matching games, quizzes with questions from Greek vineyard and many other activities were organized.

Right after the completion of the campaign, the first reporting results reveal great success: 1) There was an increase in the Greek wine consumption in all restaurants and wholesalers embracing the initiative, 2) New Yorkers show a great enthousiasm while exploring Greek wine world 3) several restaurants are aiming to adopt the promotional steps, and benefit from the augmentin interest in Greek wine.

Some of the top restaurants and wine bars participating in the “Celebrate Greek Wines” are Bar Boulud, Almond, Corkbuzz, Gastroarte, Alison Eighteen, Boulud Sud, The Atlantic Grill, Molyvos, Anfora, Corkbuzz, Kefi, Brasserie Beaumarchais e.t.c and some of them added Greek wines in their list for the very first time and kept on suggesting them to their clients.

As Michael Madrigale, general manager of chef Daniel Bouluds restaurants, "New Yorkers are always hapilly surprised everytime they discover the excellent quality of Greek wines", whereas Kamal Kouiri, wine director at Molyvos restaurant, noted that "there was a big increase on the Greek wine consumption during the Celebrate Greek Wines campaign".

Both restaurants and wine retailers hosted educational seminars, launced by expert sommeliers, focused on the noteworthy characteristics of the Greek wines, like the indigenous grape varieties, the unique Greek terroirs, the amazing food friendly character which makes Greek wines an ideal companion for international cuisine. The campaign was launced with a roof garden party on a famous hotel in Chelsea, and many media, fashion celebrities and Greek-American businessmen living in NY were there.

It is also worth mentioning the great contibution to publicity from the website www.celebrategreekwines.com, providing many details about New Wines of Greece, the participant restaurants and wine retailers, and also providing the choice to book directly a table in the restaurant of ones preferences.

The campaign was fully supported and communicated through Social Media and Press (New York Magazines Grub Street και Time Out New York) offering the chance to consumers with great interest on Greek wines, explore a big Greek wine range.

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