Greek woman in the Top 100 most influential “wine persons” in the USA

Sofia Perpera
  • Publication date: 01/02/2012
  • Author: admin recently released a list of the Top 100 most influential people in the US wine industry. Amongst the names on the Top 100 list was one person from the Greek wine industry, Sofia Perpera, oenologist and co-owner of All About Greek Wine (AAGW), a company specializing in the promotion and marketing of Greek wine in the US and Canada. This is a great success, both personally and specifically for Greek wine.

The people in the list were chosen based on their influence in their respective fields. According to they are people that move markets, impact consumers, inspire and create debate about wine in the US. Amongst them we can find sparkling names like those of Robert Parker, James Laube, Eric Asimov, Gary Vaynerchack... The people chosen range from winemakers to lawmakers, bankers to bloggers and sommeliers to celebrities and are definitely people who influence wine and how it is made, marketed, perceived, sold, shipped, purchased and shared. To create the list asked for suggestions from several people in the industry, many of whom are included in the list.

All About Greek Wine created the first national campaign for Greek wine in the US in 2003 and has been managing the promotion of Greek wine in the US and Canada ever since. When Sofia Perpera found out about her selection she was really amazed and “honored to have been chosen together with such an important group of internationally known wine people, but it was just as important for the validation of the hard work that has been done. It is great to know that what you are doing is being noticed”.

George Athanas, Sofia Perpera´s husband and partner in All About Greek Wine also mentioned: “We are obviously thrilled and amazed by this, but we have worked hard over the last 8 years and have had a lot of the support from many in our industry, especially the winemakers and the sponsoring organizations from Greece. We know we still have a long way to go, but Greek wine has a momentum of its own now and nothing and no one can stop it now... not even the financial crisis”. is a multi-faceted online wine entity, which includes a blog, a forum, a wine club and an online TV show and many other interesting activities concerning wine. The creator of the Top 100 is Michael Cervin whose work on wine, food and travel has appeared in such notable publications such as Decanter, Fine Wine & Liquor (China), Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits, The Tasting Panel, Sommelier Journal and others.