Decantation of Greek wines

The decantation of Greek wines of high quality into jugs helps them reveal all the dimensions of their unique character. It allows the young, robust red wines to be aired for about two hours, while at the same time it can remove any deposit –if necessary- as very often, most of the top wines are not currently filtered (the deposit is not a disadvantage). And certainly it will unfold their character even more softly. Half an hour is enough for the aged red wines, having examined if the bottle has a deposit, so that they are not decanted. The dynamic filtering applied in the 1990s can, even today, fully reveal the clarity of Greek aged wines! The especially fresh wines from Assyrtiko-Santorini will “open up” after being decanted for one hour, but the strong sweet red wines (e.g. Mavrodaphne of Patras) will thus “detensify” their alcohol content.