Unique and undiscovered wines


The new wines of Greece are, almost by definition, unique and undiscovered wines. Greece is the homeland of hundreds of grape varieties, all of them native (endemic) and sometimes found only in specific regions of Greece. These grapes are an essential element in today’s global wine scene, offering distinctive flavor profiles and individual palate structures. Nevertheless, the uniqueness of the grape varieties is only part of the story. Greece’s terroirs are also unique, combining unique weather patterns with complex soils that challenge growers. These growing conditions result in low-yielding, struggling vines that ultimately produce very rich and concentrated fruit. The unique character of Greece’s vineyards can be illustrated by the way these terroirs are exploited and explored by growers using both ancient and evolving grape growing techniques—like the “kouloures,” or “basket vine," system in Santorini.

Despite these appealing characteristics, the new wines of Greece remain largely undiscovered by wine lovers around the world. Numerous wine writers and wine professionals have been aware of the top wines coming out of Greece, at least over the last two decades. Nevertheless, most of the wine drinkers around the world have yet to discover the outstanding quality of these products. Choosing to drink a wine from Greece is a statement, a display of true acumen for grasping wine production and value in a global context. The new wines of Greece are truly unique and undiscovered wines, and they are yours to discover!