The vineyards of Fthiotida and Viotia

Fthiotida vineyards

The cultivations in  the vineyards of Fthiotida and Viotia include both native and international cultivars. Several varieties have adapted in the area of Atalanti in Fthiotida in the last three decades, Cabernet Sauvignon being perhaps the most important one. The area’s climate is mild, favorably influenced by  the sea breeze during the day and the cool air currents sweeping down from Mount Parnassos which ensure full ripening of the grapes. The area has been experiencing rapid growth in viticulture in recent years, with very encouraging results. Further south, in the Viotia district with the plain of Thiva (Thebes) as the hub, Savvatiano and Roditis are cultivated in deep, limey-clayey soils, and their yields primarily go toward the production of table wines and Retsina. On the cool, northeastern and northwestern slopes of Mount Kitheronas—on the border between Attiki (Attica) and Viotia—a spate of native and foreign cultivars thrive in modern, linear plantations.