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  •  Black Corinth

    Black Corinth

    The history of Black Corinth is as enormous as its commercial value since it is the main variety behind one of Greece’s most important agricultural products: currants, which merited a mention even in the ancient...

  • Kalavrytino Black

    A red grape variety of the Peloponnese, Kalavrytino Black has a fruity aroma and refreshing taste. It is vinified on its own or participates in red blends.

  • Agianniotiko

    A rare red variety from the Aegean islands whose maturation usually coincides with the fete day of Saint John Prodromos on August 29, Agianniotiko is usually blended with Chiotiko Krassero, giving dry and sweet red...

  • Agiorgitiko


    Agiorgitiko is a captivating grape variety that caresses the senses with elegance, freshness and intensity of aromas and flavours. It is a red grape variety and is frequently referred to as “multidynamic”,...

  • Aidani


    Aidani is another variety of the Aegean Sea but, in some ways, it can be considered as an alternative expression of the great wines of Santorini or the perfect blending partner of Assyrtiko. It is a white grape, used to...

  • Aidani Black

    Dark colored clone of the aidani variety, Aidani Black is rarely found on the Aegean islands nowadays. It usually gives acidity and mature aromas to red blends.

  • Araklino

    A rare, high-alcohol, red variety of the Ionian islands, Araklino is ordinarily found in red blends.

  • Asprorobola

    A white variety cultivated around the vineyards of the Ionian Sea, Asprorobola, in contrast to Robola, its kith and kin, is usually encountered in blends.

  • Asprouda Santorini

    One of the many rare varieties of Santorini vineyards, Asprouda Santorini is found in very small quantities and is used in white blends.

  • Asproudes

    Asproudes is a grape variety that some could say it exists on the “twilight zone” of Greek viticulture. Actually, there is a chance that Asproudes (which is a plural, with «Asprouda» being the...