Greek wines in proper temperature


In order to consume the Greek wines in proper temperature, resulting in the maximum pleasure, the “rules” are not different from the ones in place for the wines of the rest of the wine growing world, depending on the type and style. In general terms, the starting point is: 6-8ο C for sparkling wines, 8-10ο C for dry and sweet white ones, 10-12ο C for rose and sweet red ones and 16-18ο C for dry red ones.

Nevertheless, special attention must be given when Greek wines are consumed in the summer conditions of
Greece or other hot countries when the temperatures are quite often more than 28ο C. Then, the use of champagne cooler with ice and water is considered necessary in order to maintain the proper temperature even for red wines, or even in order to decrease it, so that the consumers will enjoy the Greek wines in proper temperature (the fridge and not the freezer is recommended).