Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine is based on seasonality, simplicity, continuity, regionality, and healthfulness. The excellence of the country’s raw ingredients, cultivated in a perfect Mediterranean climate, has fostered a respect for the integrity of flavors, especially in traditional Greek cusisine and cooking, which are still highly seasonal.

Greek cuisine has ancient roots. Greek olive oil, Greek olives cured and flavored in much the same way over eons, Greek honey, wild foods –specially game birds and hares (or rabbits today)– herbs, shoots, buds, countless wild greens, ancient legumes, such as the fava bean, split pea, chick pea and lentil, fish and seafood, snails, nuts, sesame seeds, whole grains, and a few simple goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses are the timeless ingredients of the Greek table.

In all, Greek cuisine is sound in its basic values but also flexible enough to change with the times without losing its eternal spirit.

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