Greek wine and culture

Greek wine and culture are two concepts inextricably linked to each other. Today’s wine world owes Greece for its contribution to elevating wine within History to the status of a “work of art” and transfiguring it into a vehicle for culture. Today’s wine world owes Greek wine culture for turning winegrowing into a systematic field encompassing unique vinification techniques and for crafting wines from a diverse background of grape varieties, types, and appellations, among other things: practices which lay the ground for a global wine culture as enjoyed today by contemporary wine lovers.

In today’s Greece, Greek wine and culture continue to be as “one”. On the very same soils as their forefathers, the Greek winegrowers and winemakers continue to cultivate their vineyards, bestowing on the world through their new wine culture, the fruit born of the Greek sun and of the Greek land. The new vineyards of Greece are thus the creative products of a people whose vine and wine history is the same as that of its culture!