Award winning and noteworthy wines


The new wines of Greece are award winning and noteworthy wines, recognized by many wine experts as undoubtedly worthy of attention and appreciation. This is confirmed by the abundance of wines acknowledged by internationally acclaimed, opinion-leading wine critics, as well as by the international distinctions and awards gained from top international wine institutions.

Today, the sheer number of award winners is astonishing. As the level of excellence and standards of production increased year by year, many producers wanted to test how their wines competed with wines from other parts of the world. Wines were entered into many important wine competitions taking place in competitive markets, like the UK or Belgium, or in traditional “wine-producing giants,” like Spain or France. Producers also submitted samples to leading wine magazines and wine writers. These wines were not produced only from indigenous varieties, but also from international grapes as well, thus competing head-to-head with many international classics. The results were attention-grabbing for the global wine community. The new wines of Greece garnered gold medals, trophies, and outstanding ratings at remarkably quickly, leading many columnists and experts to travel to Greece in order to explore the “Next Big Thing” in the world of wine, spreading the Greek wine gospel even further. In a saturated marketplace, consumers seek wines that posses some form of credentials. The new wines of Greece have, over the last two decades, accumulated sufficient reputation to be considered award winning and noteworthy wines, no matter how high one’s standards are.