Creative Greek restaurants in Greece

Creative Greek restaurants

For better or for worse, upmarket restaurants in Greece mostly serve Real Greek food, but not necessarily the one eaten by tourists. If Creative Greek restaurants in Greece offering creative cuisine are to serve moussaka, then this has to be either in the shape of a minced meat and eggplant liquid poured into a martini glass or mixed with liquid nitrogen and morphed into ice cream. Greek chefs, for better or for worse, have fallen prey to the charms of molecular cuisine. New Greek cuisine is the inevitable fashion in Greece as nueva cocina has been in Spain and new Nordic cuisine in Denmark. An endless array of young Greek chefs who apply the techniques of molecular cuisine onto traditional recipes straight from their grandmothers’ recipe books flowed out of the kitchens of an older generation of New Greek cuisine chefs, such as Lefteris Lazarou, Chryssanthos Karamolegkos and Christoforos Peskias. Contemporary Greek cooking has taken the standard Greek recipes and fused them with exotic ingredients, turned them inside out, deconstructed them, foamed them, freeze dried them and spherified them, giving a definitely new form of Real Greek food.