Ancient Greek culture and wine

Greek culture is Europe’s oldest. Especially the culture of classical times proved decisive in shaping Western thought. Ancient Greek culture and wine complemented each other to such an extent that the diffusion of Greek culture throughout the world, as well as the place Greek culture has earned in eternity, can be largely attributed to Greek wine. Greek culture was driven by the “spirit” of Dionysus and was  funded by wine commerce.

Ancient Greeks were an exceptionally resourceful, insightful, and inventive people. To them, wine was not only a source of lofty thought: it was also an important source of revenue. Mainly wine but also olive oil were traded for anything the ancient Greeks lacked, from foodstuffs to metals. The profits deriving from wine commerce would go towards the funding of the significant investments of their times, be it public works or structures of breathtaking beauty. It was thus that ancient Greek culture and wine effectively helped one another.