Wine Route of Naoussa


The Wine Route of Naoussa winds through the Imathia area and the eastern slopes of Mount Vermio, where the Naoussa vineyards produce the famed PDO Naoussa and PGI Imathia red wines. The relationship between Xinomavro grapes and Naoussa is one of the most enduring with regard to Greek red wines.

In this magnificent natural landscape, the focus of the route is the charming town of Naoussa, whose entire reason for being renders it the "town of wine." Besides, that is where the Wine and Vine Museum is located. An important part of the captivating landscape that surrounds Naoussa is Agios Nikolas Grove, located to its southwest. There are numerous interesting archaeological sites and monuments around Naoussa, including ancient Mieza, the School of Aristotle, the Macedonian tombs, such as the tomb of the Palmettes, the tomb of Judgement, Kinch΄s tomb and the tomb of Lyson and Kallikles, as well as the Kopanos ancient theatre. One of the more important events that take place in Naoussa and a truly worthwhile experience for visitors is the Naoussa carnival. The Wine Route of Naoussa must certainly include Veroia, with its old districts of Barbouta and Kyriotissa. Visitors can see the archaeological museum, the Byzantine museum and many Byzantine churches, such as Agios Vlasios, Agios Kirykos and Megas Theologos. Also of interest is the Sarafoglou Mansion, which houses the Veroia Folklore Museum.

Southeast of Veroia, a very important destination along the Wine Route of Naoussa is the Aigai archaeological site and the royal tombs museum. Visitors who seek active winter sports will find them at the Seli and 3-5 Pagadia (Wells) ski resorts.